Here we will retrace the major stages in the manufacture of billiard.

It is not our intention to make an exhaustive review of all the possibilities: we will offer only a few key steps in the manufacture of billiard, and essential materials.


The quality of a pool is primarily dependent on the timber structure thereof.

To ensure the highest quality and offer billiards resistant to the weight of years, the choice of wood is essential. Consequently, upscale billiards are manufactured in beech, this finely grained wood but very resistant and which has all the qualities to manufacturing stylish billiard quality game copy. Furthermore, species such as mahogany, oak and chestnut are also often used.
Obviously all billiards can be made of wood as noble, for obvious cost reasons. This is the reason why many are billiards fébriqués MDF (medium high density), which it does not have the aesthetic of solid wood, do not have any less strength. MDF Info

 instal8 CHASSIS.
The chassis is one of the key pieces for perfect horizontality of the playing area, it is made according to the characteristics of the pool, ie its weight and dimensions.Two frame types are generally used. With several single high strength wood or metal-reinforced layers or only metal.The last feature to consider is the positioning of the slate, it must ensure perfect contact with the chassis.
Another centerpiece, slate is the only material universally recognized as a sign of quality billiards and approved for all competitions. It enables quality and unrivaled gaming sensations in spite of technology more and more innovative. Moreover, there are different qualities of slate, it is for this reason that our slate from quarries recognized worldwide for their density and authenticity.To allow an impeccable game in particular can run all effects as “retro” or “cast” a slate must be perfectly flat. Furthermore, to avoid unwanted vibrations, we select thick slate (19mm minimum).
 instal9 FEET.
The feet are an essential element for the stability of billiards, the number varies depending on the size and weight (for Snookers) but it can also be an aesthetic choice. All legs have at their base adjustment cylinder for an upgrade and perfect stability of billiards.
The function of the tape is to return the ball with force and precision. Our rubber bands are selected from the best productions worldwide for their performance and to meet the requirements of each game and guidelines defined by sports organizations.The strips are glued directly on the hard wooden strips frame or on a removable strip holder for multiple mixed billiards game.

To eliminate harmful spurious vibrations rebounding and secure the tape frame against any risk of deformation in time, the latter is firmly screwed onto the slate through holes specially arranged throughout the periphery thereof (on the snookers).

tapis9 CARPET.
A quality billiard cloth is essential to have good gaming experience thanks to a fluid rolling of the ball.

In this search for quality we have used two companies Iwan Simonis and Strachan, reputation and know-how internationally recognized by all professional billiards for their selection of carpets of exceptional quality.

Heating is composed of elements installed under the slate tiles. Its purpose is to remove moisture from the carpet which slows the ball. The thermostat regulates the temperature between 27 and 30 °. Its consumption is about 800W.

The optional heating is particularly recommended for large or billiards facilities in a humid atmosphere or poorly heated premises. (Attention heating exists only on French billiards)

These points pearls (or Diamond System) can be embedded in the wood of the frame bands to help the player to design the trajectories of the balls.

They will prove especially useful for achieving the figures that will impose the player during his training. (The marks are used on pool tables)